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Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
First off guys like Read, Talbot, and Couturier made this move possible. If you do not see Betts is on a rapid decline then i don't know what to tell you. The guy is basically one hit away from missing a lot of time with that bum shoulder. That clearly has effected how good he was on faceoffs. Betts is a savvy pker but even i think at times he was overrated in that aspect of his game. His positional skills on the pk where inconstant at times last year. I still people are seeing that image of him and Lappy on the PK. When our PK was beastly before Lappy got hurt. That is not the same Betts.
Anyone is one hit away from anything. That's what you sign up for when you want to be an NHL player.

Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
Betts doesnt score goals, which means according to some on this board hes a washed up bum. Sometimes I wonder how long some people around here have been watching hockey. you need guys like Betts aroound. solid 4th liner, can kill penalties and every now and then can chip in a goal.
What does Shelley and Rinaldo bring to table other then stupid.

yeah but he also isnt the "biggest and baddest goon on the planet either." The only thing Shelley is good at is getting suspended and getting punched in the face.
Maybe some day the thinking of management and some people in this fanbase will change their mind that we need to have guys like this around. I was hoping that the preseason would open eyes of management and say having guys on the 4th line who can actually contribute and play the game isnt a bad idea. Instead those players are waived/sent to the minors.
Somethings will never change and having 1 or 2 worthless retards on the 4th line every night is one of them.
They didn't even have to look to pre-season. They can just look at last year, where the Bruins had a 4th line, and the Canucks did not, and the difference that made.

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