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10-21-2005, 01:42 AM
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I'm skinny, untalented, easily intimidated and have the worst hockey sense of anyone alive.

I have a nasty habit of taking horrible-angle, zero-chance-in-hell shots. Kind of like what Stephane Richer used to do.

My shot couldn't break a pane of glass. Come to think of it, I could take repeated shots at the aforementioned pane of glass for hours at a time, and the glass would eventually break, but from collapsing under the immense weight of its own laughter...

Good points:

-I'm improving on the faceoff. (Meaning instead of winning 20% of draws, I now win an illustrious 25%.)

-I'm obsessive about defense and will never abandon a zone or man (to a fault; I'm uber-conservative offensively..If I could actually play hockey I'd be the ultimate neutral-zone trapper) Playing against me is like having REALLY BAD jock itch; reading my posts and knowing me as a person elicits a similar reaction

-Skating most certainly is NOT my major weakness. Having the hockey sense to know WHERE to skate and the talent to do things once I get there, though...THAT's my weakness.

I am a absolutely TERRIBLE leader and definite locker-room cancer. Every team I've played on. I get along well with people older and younger than me, and am likened to coarse sandpaper by peers. I'm great with coaches, and terrible with most teammates.

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