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10-05-2011, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekamaniac View Post
Except Markov is nowhere near to returning...
Nowhere near returning? As far as I've read, all the the credible sources (PG, MacKenzie, JM) have said that he is on track to a healthy recovery in the expected time frame. Even if he returns in mid october, november (unlikely) or even december (even more unlikely) he'll still be playing a significant amount of the season and will have a huge impact on the team, or at least certainly a bigger one than the previous two seasons. The only recent setback we've heard about is the SWELLING in his knee and you are freaking out. Swelling is a common side effect to these injuries. Heck, swelling is something that some players battle on a weekly basis. And please don't bother asking for my credentials because this is common knowledge amongst common people, let alone people who are educated in this matter.

I'm honestly starting to think that you are beginning to hope he doesn't come back so you can say "I told you so". Its the only way I can make any sense of your expert opinions on Markovs "botched" recovery, and all the inept efforts you've put towards "proving" that he's physically useless at this point, while offering no credible sources. Speculating is one thing, and in moderation isn't a bad thing at all, but speculating with "absolute certainty", like you've been doing, is the definition of making **** up.

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