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10-05-2011, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by CTU2fan View Post
Couple of questions, because I think I must be missing something. Does it make a difference re: banked space whether Lappy is on LTIR or not? Going by the OP we're ~65K under the cap with Lappy, but if we LTIR him aren't we still ~65K under the cap since we can't bank that space? I do think there's a rule of some kind, because I seem to remember reading that you're better off waiting until you need the space to LTIR a guy. there a reason why Lappy couldn't be sent down (in a "paper" move, obviously) so that his cap hit could be banked as well? I assume there's a rule covering that...maybe something about his being a 35+ contract?
But for the 35+ Rule Lappy could merely retire and be off the books, not demotion needed... and Lappy being the type guy he is assures me he would retire if need be.

... But even if he were not a 35+ player he could NOT be waived down to the A because you cannot waive down injured players per the CBA... IIRC.

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