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10-05-2011, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by SB164 View Post
In fact, I think that's pretty much exactly what the panelists on TSN said earlier.

Paraphrasing here: "The Habs may not be a regular season powerhouse like the Caps, but come playoff time, their sound defensive play and timely scoring gets the job done."

And of course, Price is always the wildcard in terms of how far this team can go in the playoffs.
That's not what I was discussing.

I'm saying, how do you pick a team to finish 8th, but when asked to pick one out of the top 8 to miss the POs, you choose the #4-5 or 7, instead of that team you picked to finish 8th?
If you feel the team chosen to finish 4th actually has more chances of missing the POs than the 8th seed, then shouldn't it be placed behind it?

It's just completely illogical. The only logical explanation is that none of Ferraro, Crawford and McKenzie picked the Habs to finish higher than the teams they chose to possibly miss the POs (TB, NYR, PHI). Mtl was placed 8th from a general consensus, so I'm guessing that includes the rest of the TSN crew, otherwise it makes no sense.

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