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10-26-2003, 04:33 PM
fulk hogan
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Originally Posted by omar
One of the ways to make money is to get into the late rounds of the playoffs. If the owners want to make a profit put a better team on the ice.

Before you insult people I suggest you learn how to spell (appease ingrates), it will enhance your credibility.
Earning the respect of your fellow posters is a terrific way to enhance credibility, much like dawgbone has. Pointing out one small mistake in a sea of thousands of posts is a horrible way.

I agree with dawgbone; the owners shouldn't have to be shelling out cash out of their own pockets like they already have to make sure a few (in many cases) non-paying fans are appeased. Lowe has stated that he is building the team for when the CBA is renegotiated post 2004. Fans every year seem to get impatient after the Oilers lose a few games. 90% of the season is still left to be played; chill out and enjoy the games when they're on TV and/or for the few games a year that the average fan might get to see live. I'm here in Montreal enjoying the exciting team that I grew up watching; I can't get to the games, so I can't complain. I didn't complain either when I was living in Edmonton and got to watch a handful of games a year;it was a treat and I shall continue to enjoy as such.

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