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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
That's not how it works. The Daily amount you get to spend never changes. Regardless of how much Cap space you bank. Here's how proration works. Using your 20 dollars a day example. A player who costs 3 dollars a day at the start of the Season, later in the Season costs less to add such as at the trade deadline. That player may only cost $1.25 at that time. That's how proration costs. That's how teams are able to fit in a higher Cap hit player later in the year. The amount you get to spend per day, doesn't change. There are also other issues such as tagging space that come into play if your adding a player on a multi year deal versus a player on an expiring contract.
Guess we have to quote you so DU knows you've responded.

I'm barely literate when it comes to legal documents when they're written in Swedish, so don't expect me to contribute much in a discussion regarding the CBA.

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