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10-06-2011, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by redbull View Post
DP is a lightning rod for criticism from a beaten-down fan base, obviously, but I'd like to make a couple of points. For the record, I think DiPietro WAS a fantastic goalie (with a few faults) and was on his way to something special until he got hurt....but fast forward to today and guess what, I think he MAY BE the best goalie at camp.

I haven't heard anyone say that Montoya was the best goalie in camp. Based on what I saw in the pre-season (yes, small sample) DiPietro played like a #1 goalie.

I think playing the most RELIABLE goalie isn't necessarily the way to go. What do you mean by reliable anyway? Are you talking about consistent output? or reliability to stay healthy? My point is that DiPietro MAY BE the NYI best option to win games as of today. He might be the best goalie. He probably won't stay healthy, but when he's NOT healthy, the coach scratches him and goes with the next best (not the next healthiest).

I believe you're doubting DiPietro's ability as a goalie, based on recent history. Completely fair. But what if he's finally healthy ENOUGH to play CLOSE to what he used to play like? And what if THAT LEVEL is better than Montoya or Nabokov? Some fans are so blinded by the DP saga that they are unable to see what's right in front of them.

If he's NOT the best goalie, then he should sit or be sent down, no problem there. Last year, he wasn't the best goalie, that was obvious. He was also injured a lot. This year, he's been great, not a distraction, just played well. Why can't that be a good news story? How can there be so much allegiance to Montoya after a half-season? or Nabokov who's treated this organization like a plague until he was re-born over the summer? I don't get it.

And let's be perfectly frank, the "team we love" isn't exactly doing fans any favours and it doesn't start or end with DiPietro.

The cap hit is needed for the cap floor - shameful
The performance bonuses to fringe players is embarrassing - used only to reach the cap floor.

Rolston was traded for NOT for leadership or to help the PP. He was on waivers TWICE last year, even at re-entry price-tag Snow didn't feel he could have helped the team. The only reason he was added was to reach the cap floor THIS YEAR, shedding some money owed to Hunter next season.

The organization has done NOTHING to show any commitment to the fans or to winning anything. Building through the draft, well that's been sold through to a desperate fan base that was depleted of all talent, all pride, all prior glory - not surrounding young players with proper support, setting them up for failure. Yet many fans turn a blind eye to what's so obvious a slap in the face.

So it's getting close to game 1. I'm excited about the season. I love the young players on this team, I like all the players on the roster right now. This is the best team I've seen since Yashin played on the team (and I don't mean his cap hit). I don't think it's a playoff team. There are huge holes on the roster, completely unaddressed, like the past three summers - but I'll remain a loyal fan, cautiously optimistic about this year and next.

DiPietro is a red herring. The problems with this team are with the ownership and the lack of desire or commitment to build a winner.

redbull, i love reading your posts....this post couldnt be more spot on

i can see dipietro having a great year this year....he might not play 65 games but i can see him turning a corner...when is the last time his current health has not been in question (please dont say he can get injured after 2 games...thats is not what im talking current)

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