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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
A player's daily cost NEVER EVER EVER EVER changes. Ever. What changes is for how long you are responsible for paying that player. AKA how is that player's pie being split up.

It's an issue of semantics. As defined in the CBA there is "Actual Club Salary" which is calculated daily (this is what I'm discussing), and there is "Average Club Salary" which is the yearly number.

VanSciver is saying the same thing I am really. A $3 player doesn't cost any less, ever. He may cost the team less, but HE does not cost less. Which is determined by how many days you are taking responsibility for his contract.

You can come to the same conclusions whether you use yearly numbrs or daily. Some people like the daily numbers because some feel it better shows how you arrive at the conclusion.

So do you want to view the yearly numbers or the daily ones? Do you want the 10 piece puzzle or the 100 piece one? Some people want the simplicity, some people want the details.

The point is beneficial if the Flyers do not utilize LTIR, and truly stay under the cap, because it will allow them to add a prorated contract later.
It would be beneficial to see those dollars accumulate and spend under the cap.....EXCEPT.....For the entire year based on our current team, we would spend $65,000 under the cap. So - what is the point of staying under when you are so close to the cap? There is no benefit at the deadline since regardless of how you do the math, there is no possible way we can bring in a higher priced player for $65,000 a year. Based on todays salaries, for game 1 we will bank 1/82 of $65,000 = $792. Why not go over the limit by 1.1 million and keep guys rather than trying to stay under the cap by so little? Now if Walker was sent down/Shelley waiver etc to get us significantly under the cap, then the banked dollars becomes very beneficial.

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