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10-06-2011, 12:30 PM
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Like I said, I was only thinking about a PERFECT scenario, where you could have balanced everything. You would bring another team up to Canada (Quebec City) and another team in the West.

Houston and Dallas could coexist if the market is there. It's the same distance roughly as Tampa Bay and Florida.

Houston and Dallas already coexist with every other big pro sport:
- MLB (Astros and Rangers)
- NFL (Texans and Cowboys)
- NBA (Rockets and Mavericks)

I wonder why KC is such a target whenever there are relocation rumors.

Note I'm not advocating or hoping for the above scenario. Only that it would make the most sense if the league moves to 32 teams and nobody else is relocating and they want another team in the West. It might make more sense to look at Quebec City, then a second Toronto team, then maybe Seattle or Portland, and THEN Houston. Who knows.

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