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10-26-2003, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
guys i see sathers faults just like you but i dont think his tenure has been that awful if you look at the big picture. he has made some very good deals and has drafted very well. thats all my point is. people bash sather for the dunham trade when dunham has played great since he became a ranger. i respect everybody point of view but i will defend sather and the rangers organization. would you rather have a team like calgary that isnt going anywhere or a team that goes for it every year?
Just haven't figured out what exactly they're going for.. The most spent on the 10th spot??

Let me put it another way, if the Dunham trade was the only one that saw 2 or more 'yutes sent for a decent return, I'd be fine with it.. Hell, I'm pretty much fine with that trade as it is even if I think he overpaid..

The point is he has not built a team the way they're supposed to be built.. The way he used to preach about the way they were supposed to be built..

His best deal was Ciger for Barnaby, hardly a franchise turning deal.. He's drafted well?? I guess we'll see, but with the amount of picks he's sent away, he could've had even more..

The big picture is that Smith was fired for less, and I did think it was time for him to go, but now that time has come for Sather, as this team isn't going anywhere this year either.. Might squeak in, might not, but they're still poorly built..

Please just answer me this, after his first year, and no playoffs, would the team be any the worse off right now if he just gutted the team, and started building anew??

The answer is no they wouldn't.. And a guy who sat there for years throwing stones at the way the Rangers did business, to turn around and do the same damn thing, is not the kind of guy that deserves your defense..

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