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10-26-2003, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
I would personally rather see an entertaining team that loses, than a boring team that wins.

I would rather see a team that uses speed, and takes risks, than a team that slows the game down.

I am a fan.... not a player. In the end, the final score isn't as important as how the game was played, and how entertaining it was. I love the Oilers and always have/always will support them, but I have always loved the fact that no matter how little skill there has been at times (90's ring a bell?), that they have always played the game with speed.

If the Oilers need to resort to a trap to win a cup, I'd be one disappointed fan.
you're a strange person...

i mean, sure, i'm happy with a "good game" when it's my kids on the ice. with little people i just hope that everybody has fun and nobody gets hurt.

however, when i shell out a couple hundred bucks to watch millionaires play hockey i want to see my team win. case closed.

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