Thread: PGT: We didnt even compete
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10-06-2011, 08:58 PM
Carlos Danger
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three players stood out for me

weber played well as a forward, then well on defense.
diaz played very well, then very, very bad
gomez was alright. baby steps i guess

everybody else seriously sucked. nobody seemed to be completely in sync.

the D was good most of the night at creating transitions but the forward couldn't penetrate the leafs' defense. defensively though, our defense was bad but better than the score indicates. first goal was a PP ****up, second goal was a beauty, nothing much could be done tbh and someone ought to buy price a beer

you can pull the 'no effort', 'no compete' bla bla bla but the bottom line is the leafs defense was impenetrable tonight.

and reimer was ****ing lucky to get this shutout, looked very shaky...

happy for lombardi, schenn is indeed a beast, and komi didnt suck

and come on, losing the opening game to the leafs is sort of a yearly tradition innit?

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