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10-26-2003, 06:56 PM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
Ingrate? You're calling ME an ingrate, you have to be kidding. College student, paying for his own season tickets, and yeah, I'm an ingrate for demanding a good hockey team....right

What's with this 'charity' idea of the Oilers owners? That's not why they own the team, that's not their purpose.

And btw, do you think overall they're losing money on their combined business ventures? I highly doubt it.

And who said they'd lose money??? If budgeted correctly, they won't! Right now though, they're likely in a position to make a few million dollars, AND they raised ticket prices for everyone. Maybe if you don't actually go to games, or you personally don't have to pay for tickets you wouldn't care I suppose, but some of us happen to think we should be getting what we pay for. Another way for them to make alot of money, as mentioned, is to go further in the playoffs. Why not attempt it that way? It definately has a higher chance for reward. The budget right now is not set up that way at all.
I don't know about you, but I was under the impression that the Oilers were building for post-2004 success, and until that time, they were going to continually make changes and add youngsters to the lineup. That was made very clear before you bought your seasons tickets, it's not like Lowe popped this up out of nowhere.

Why do you think the Oilers have 37 owners? It isn't because it is a great investment. It is because these are all local business men who want the Oilers in Edmonton.

Whether they are loosing money on their combined overall ventures or not is not the point. What a senseless argument that is. This has nothing to do with their combined overall ventures, it has to do with the one business venture named the Oilers, which has resulted in a loss.

If they lose $200,000 last year on the same payroll with consistant sellouts, it is safe to say that they would lose at least the same with a higher payroll.... it's basic economics. Not only that, but they have to pay to stock a whole AHL franchise this season, as opposed to half of one, which will probably add a hefty little bit of cash... there is more to pay for than the 23 man roster.

As for your later in the playoffs theory... that's nice... in theory. Unfortunately, the Oilers don't have that luxury. You can't set your budget banking on making it to the 2nd or 3rd round in order to break even. Look at Detroit... that shows anything can happen in the playoffs, and nothing is guaranteed. If the Oilers add $10 mil to their budget, and get swept in the 2nd round, who is covering that loss? It isn't you... it's the 37 guys who own the team.

As for not going to games, I do my share to support the Oilers. I purchase at least one pair of tickets every year (to a game I can't go to I might add), I see them whenever they are in Toronto or Detroit (I know that money doesn't go to them, but I still pay), and I have owned seasons tickets to the bulldogs for the past 4 years, and now own roadrunner seasons tickets.

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