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10-26-2003, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
I called you an ingrate (happy omar?), because it is how you are coming off.

You seem to have no respect for the fact that these businessmen have sacrificed alot of their own money to keep the Oilers here, and because they didn't lose $3 million, you are unhappy about it.

It wasn't an insult(or at least intended to be one), as I don't constitute ingrate as a character flaw, just an observational flaw... more along the lines of I didn't think you respected the money these gentlemen have invested to keep this team in Edmonton, and that you were only concerned about what you paid. I would be more inclined to agree with you if this teams situation was a big suprise... it isn't. It has been well documented that this team is building for 2004 and beyond. The team had a lousy start last year, and rebounded to a decent year... I feel the same can happen this year.

8 games is far too early to make harsh criticizms.
I believe the team should be better.

I believe there isn't accountability to the fan here. One the same note, I believe the media won't hold the organization accountable.

I don't want the owners to lose $3 million, I simply want them to provide what is implied by raising ticket prices.

I want more than a decent season.

I've been making harsh criticisms for years now After all, no cup since 90'.

I have loyalty to one thing, the team. Not the organization, and yes, there is a huge difference.

The whole 'charity' idea that people seem to believe about this team really disturbs me.

Barring something drastic, we're not goin anywhere.

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