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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Nice, thank you.

Sometimes I can't believe how black and white fans make these decisions out to be. Rundblad didn't earn a full 82 game season ahead of Lee, and neither did Kuba.

1. Kuba's got a contract, and the only way he can increase value is by playing. The only reason they can force themselves to shelve him, or buy him out, is by seeing how bad he is on the ice. Sounds like they've held talks about him with other teams, no interest....if he sits, there will continue to be no interest...if he plays and plays decently, maybe someone bites. If we can get value out of Kuba, that's a nice coup for this rebuilding team. Getting something back for Kuba soon, or the possibility of it, is more important than beating the Wings tonight.

2. Rundblad is either ready for the NHL, or he isn't. They can't get closer to finding that out by putting him in the pressbox and it's better to find out now....than to let the guy gather 2-3 weeks worth of rust before they let him go at it again.

IE. The Sens know they may not ice the best lineup they could ice on this given day....but they do know they may get closer to answering questions that will help them ice the best lineup they can going forward.
I appreciate your opinion, but to be honest, Kuba will do nothing to improve his value in the eyes of 29 other GMs. People love to mention Lee was put on waivers with no takers, ignoring the obvious.

The same fans also seem to ignore the fact Murray tried to move Kuba and Gonchar in the past 6 months and got no offers, zero, ziltch, not even a low draft pick.

So if the Sens idea of a rebuild is to sit a 24 year old defenceman who is showing to be a 3/4 defenceman, while playing a 32 year old ($3.7M) veteran whose game has deteriorated in the 5/6 spot, then I think they have it wrong.

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