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10-07-2011, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I don't know why people are not excited by the speed, quickness and puck moving skills of our Dmen.
Every single one of them can move the puck from decently well to really well, with the exception of Gill.

Last year, we didn't have big tough Dmen. We had some bigger guys, sure, but they weren't tough physical Dmen. The problem was mainly their speed. By the time they got to the puck behind the net or in the corners, the opposing players were already pretty much on them. You need some very fast and good skaters if you want that puck out intelligently.
How often did you see our players slowly skate to the puck and due to the oncoming pressure, had no choice but to whip it around the boards? Remember what that translated to? Losing puck possession.

I don't think we have to worry about our Defense as much, especially not with JM's system. Some additions can be made throughout the year if toughness from our back end becomes an obvious necessity, but I'm not really worried so far.
Why question the Dmen? You can't convince me that they actually defended against the Leafs in the second and third periods. You'll have to admit they were humiliated physically. It doesn't matter how well they move the puck if they can't get possession of it or neutralize the opposing puck carrier. I'd like to see better coordinated positioning in their own zone. I'd rather not see the same six as a unit. I'd rather not see PK go behind the opponents' net and be unable to get back in time.

Originally Posted by habsrule22 View Post
If we use the last tampa game as a gauge, the defence were never in much difficulty the whole game. We shall see what the regular season starts, but with JM system, and Price. It should be OK
Unfortunately, you were praising the D before you saw it in action against the Leafs. It was not OK.

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