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10-07-2011, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Fanpuck33 View Post
I was really excited for this movie, but didn't really like it. Nothing unexpected happened the whole time. It was entirely too predictable and was not the least bit believable. I understand "suspension of disbelief" in movies, but this movie tried to be realistic. I laughed out loud when the principal said he had no idea that Brandon used to be in the UFC. You can't get a job teaching without undergoing a background check, and it's obvious that not even Google was utilized when checking out his past. Then Tommy gets into a big time tournament having never fought professionally? Give me a break. It also made no sense to hold the event in the US, where such a tournament would not get approved.
It's a movie.

First off, they have had one night tournaments in the past in the US. Why would one not be approved? I mean, SHINE just held a one night Grand Prix in the US last year. The format wasn't banned.

The background check is a bit much, but how many times do you search for guys who fight only to not find a wiki page or anything? ****, maybe he was getting paid under the table at the time and while the name came up there was nothing linking him to the actual fighter of the same name?

Thirdly, I think the ending was not exactly predictable. I had no idea who was going to win the fight. You knew the whole time that the two were going to meet because they showed that in the trailer. But did you REALLY know who was going to win for sure? I highly doubt it. For a bit, I was thinking Tommy was going to win (and pay off his brother's debt). Whole soldier angle.

Tommy was the Kimbo of the movie. Dude beat the **** out of a top contender on camera and became the next big underground sensation. Look at how much money such a sensation like Kimbo made $kala before he blew it all?

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