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Originally Posted by Noir View Post

When you push (for a stride), do you feel a lot of traction on your skate edge?
While only part of the equation, this ^. Every time I get on the ice I do a series or alternating one skate edge C turms and loooonng stride extensions, just to get my mind on proper stride and use of the edge. I find that sometimes when I try to hard and move my feet too fast, I'm actually not using my edges right and not striding long enough and I actually go slower. I've found that technique is more important than rushing my feet.

The other thing I think a lot of people overlook is their blade profile. After a lot of sharpenings my skate had gotten really rounded, to about a 6-7 profile and with a lot of rocker front and back. I'm 6'2" and wear a 10 skate and that was a profile for a PeeWee. I could turn and pivot very quick but I had lost so much speed and couldn't figure out why. Put new blades on and had them profiled to a 9 and my god what a difference in stability and glide, with very little loss in turning. Felt like I had a new gear.

Back to the topic, I recommend taking a basic power skating class to make sure that your body position is right to begin with.

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