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Originally Posted by hyster110 View Post
people should also factor in their type of play and what position they play
absolutely there are exceptions to every rule...

that being said, maximum control and having the top hand in the proper position is crucial...

At the end of the day, you want a flat blade and your top hand to be in the right position... so the factors are definately:

skating position (upright skater, crouched etc...)
length of arms
height in general

however, that being said... because it does take your height, arm length and lie of stick into concideration, I think that the method of having your stick flat on the ice while standing up on skates, and finding where on the stick to place your top hand... is the best method to determine where you should cut.

Then cut down pragmatically, as you don't want to have to add a plug, as again there are variances as to how people skate....

There are players with relatively long sticks, and for example St. Louis plays a massive stick for his 5'8 frame, and he's effective... but as verified by my Neighbor who played with him, he also plays a very flat lie.

When it comes down to flex, yup... Jarick is right, the flex should be based more on height of the player than his weight.
Was it Brier who uses a 70ish flex stick? Well he's not a tall guy and a 70flex stick cut down to his heigh probably has the relative flex of a 90 or 100 full height stick.

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