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technique, cadance and leg strength

If you get your technique down first, then the more you skate, the correct muscles will get stronger.

There are a few disputed techniques, but personally I like the principle of keeping a glide skate blade on the ice, in right direction , as much as you can, as it promtoes speed and control.

but simply put:
stay low, keeping the glide leg as close to 90 deg
pushing out to the side (not back obviously) with full extention (legs completely straight)
rock from heel to toe to finish each stridge, gives an added kick and you should hear a scrap at the end of your extention

work on cadance, and personally, I've become a very fast skater, by working on technique and cadance, rather than just effort

There is no benefit to pumping your legs with short strides outside of the start

fluid strong full extended strides with good timing and focus of weight appropately on the forefront of your glide foot in the right direction will give you speed.

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