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10-26-2003, 08:35 PM
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Anybody here who thinks the Owners didn't buy because there was money to be had is foolish. My dad sort of knows one of the Lloydminster owners, and the big thing that they were sold on is that back when they bought the team, NHL franchise values were sky-rocketting - and still are as high or much higher then they were. The owners are willing to divide a few million dollar losses now, because each and every one of them knows that if the NHL wins the CBA then in 10 years the Edmonton Oilers shares they bought will have nearly doubled. But, I am still one of the biggest supporters of our Owners. They are in this for a profit - but if it wasn't the Edmonton Oilers, most wouldn't have taken the risk that they are. But all this talk about how the Oilers CAN'T have a 35 million salary is stupid. They had that last year, and their financial situation has only improved since then when you combine all the tickett sales (with their increased prices) and the Canadian Dollars surge. I fully expect that when/if something is done with Comrie that 3-5 million will be added to the payroll.

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