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10-07-2011, 02:58 PM
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Cmon guys didn't you know? Greatness is willed and it is a one shot thing. Progression doesn't exist...its either you get the guys you need or you don't. The habs GM lives in a vaccum and wtv he wills must be done and the rest of league MUST cooperate.

Our GM is so dumb that he doesn't even know he has these powers. Trades and signings are unilateral decisions. Likewise, drafting is a science and those haven't studied that science at least went out and bought a crystal ball, our gm isn't even smart enough to do that. He never uses the power of hindsight! What an idiot.

And the most important thing of all...he hates toughness, the most important aspect of hockey without it, hockey would just be soccer on ice played with sticks and players with equipment and smaller nets and different rules...our gm wants soccer on ice with sticks and smaller nets and different rules!!!!! AARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHH

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