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10-07-2011, 03:06 PM
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I love how some people try to paint this team as a loser mentality team with no "winners" and yet we have tons of cup winners on the team, plenty of vets and youth, Gainey won a cup as a GM. JM has been to the finals and with us conference finals.

He can't control injuries. Injuries are what make me in anyway pessimistic not the players or management of this team.

Don't try to make it sound like we have a bunch of losers. Most of our young players have won Calder, some WJC, others are just born leaders in general like Gorges.

Some of our old players have Stanley Cup rings and were a huge part of the reason why they won. I know JM doesn't have a ring but you do have to start somewhere. He's had good records considering non-high level talent in a lot of cases.

It was one game, our team came out strong lost confidence and then played like crap. Within max 10 games our team will start to gel and we'll be fine. Let Toronto have their little October cup finals. We'll be heading into the playoffs in April book it.

Anyways like I said injuries are a definite reason to be pessimistic given our situation and history but aside from that have a bit more faith.

Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
I don't consider somebody who wants their team to go 0-14 to start the season because they disagree with how the team is run to be a good fan, no.

I also like how in the past the usual suspects generally called the Habs a 6th-10th place team. I guess they are improving after all.
I love how he says 4th-8th as if 4th is a bad thing or even 5th or 6th

Yeah being top 30% in the league is ****

Even if we won the cup there are some that would still try to discredit Martin and PG and be all like "we only won cause we got lucky, faced teams that are bad against us, won in spite of terrible coaching and a horrible GM, etc" I guarantee it.

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