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Originally Posted by Habsolument90 View Post
Yzerman's a legend, but he's not exactly an amazing GM.. yet. There was no indication that he knew anything about being a GM. Great hockey mind =/= great GM/coach etc. I agree that we should've kept Boucher. He's excellent, but there is no way that they could fire Martin whose system led a team like the one from 2 seasons to the ECF over the champions and President winners. It just doesn't happen for a rookie coach, no matter how good he seemed in the minors. Boucher didn't want to wait so he went for Tampa who could use a coach.
Funny part is if they did and then we sucked people would be complaining that we fired Martin who took us to the ECF.

Really no way you can win with certain fans.

Originally Posted by TheBuriedHab View Post
Would you guys atleast stop posting here though? Your doom and Gloom after every loss gets old quickly. Yea we can get down after a loss, its natural but these dumb threads that want people fired and want a new team after 1 game make Hf a joke to read now. Its like Clockwork, after every loss you are going to see the toughness thread being bumped and some anti PG and JM tirade. Yawn.
Its really gotten to an all time low since the preseason. Can't we play 10 regular season games before we have panic stricken fans going crazy. Last I checked putting the team down prematurely doesn't make them win games and it most certainly doesn't change anything or make you look good down the road if and when the team succeeds. Just saying.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Cmon guys didn't you know? Greatness is willed and it is a one shot thing. Progression doesn't exist...its either you get the guys you need or you don't. The habs GM lives in a vaccum and wtv he wills must be done and the rest of league MUST cooperate.

Our GM is so dumb that he doesn't even know he has these powers. Trades and signings are unilateral decisions. Likewise, drafting is a science and those haven't studied that science at least went out and bought a crystal ball, our gm isn't even smart enough to do that. He never uses the power of hindsight! What an idiot.

And the most important thing of all...he hates toughness, the most important aspect of hockey without it, hockey would just be soccer on ice played with sticks and players with equipment and smaller nets and different rules...our gm wants soccer on ice with sticks and smaller nets and different rules!!!!! AARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHH
Funny part is some people took this post ^ seriously.

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