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10-26-2003, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeff
Lack of swedish players in Sm-liiga is becouse in SM-liiga swedes are considered as foreign players and in Elitserien finns are not considered as foreign players, so that's why there are so many finns in elitserien. Quite a shame in my oppinion, but on the otherhand it gives finland an advantage to produce good players in the future also becouse young guys get more easily a chance in sm-liiga and in elitserien quite often a pretty old finn will take the place from young swedish player. So this is elitseriens and swedens loss in a long run.
Swedish teams usually transfer for a Finn because they don't have to play the bonus fees for national team games played and so on as they have to when they transfer for a swede from within elitserien. It is cheaper to get a Finn than it is to get a swede.