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10-07-2011, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
The boxing/MMA comparison just doesn't make sense to me, I occasionally enjoy a hockey fight but I watch hockey primarily for the hockey, while I watch boxing for the fighting. Everything about boxing, from the regulations to the preparation, is geared toward fighting, and as others have said, fighters need months between fights at the risk of serious damage. It takes tons of preparation for that one fight, and the recovery afterwards is immense.

Boxers and MMA fighters train full time to fight. Hockey enforcers might hone their "skill", but the technical quality of a hockey fight is very low, even show fights between goons are sloppy without any of the tactical challenge of boxing.
Does anyone actually really even enjoy watching hockey fights? Like I know anytime people suggest change a lot of people will whine about it and that's fine but really, I like fighting as much as the next guy. I like boxing and MMA but hockey fights are often tedious, irrelevant wrestling matches.They're usually incredibly boring and actually interrupt the flow of the game.

As for Cherry, he got quite a bit of facts wrong in his rant but do people even really take him seriously anymore?

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