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10-26-2003, 10:39 PM
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Comrie Pride not Greed

The why Comrie isn't signed discussion has gone back and forth between money and hurt feelings because of playoff comments by Lowe.

It has to be a combination thing but perhaps the most important factor is Mike Comrie's pride. He already has money, he loves to play hockey but Lowe low-balled him with a minimal offer stating a poor playoff performance.

Sure Mike made a ton on bonus', that Lowe readily gave him, by the way and made them easy to get on top of it all, but Comrie was still a major Oiler point getter and #1center. Lowe offered him the minimum amount that he possibly could and has shown no sign of flexibility.

THE POINT IS that the year before, BREWER did exactly the same thing, in the same situation as Comrie (Brewer too had had an up and down year ), was ready to hold out(in fact signed at the last minute before training camp began) and Lowe gave him a hefty two year contract averaging out to 2 million a year. Brewer earned that salary no more than Comrie earned his bonus' last year. York, a little older than Comrie with fewer points last two years, gets 2 million a year from Lowe with little fight. Dvorak and Isbister,traded for by Lowe and coming with a lot of baggage, make 2 million and 1.9 million. Are any of these guys worth that much more to the team than Comrie?

Do you not think that hockey players compare their value and salary especially with others on the team doing similar jobs at similar points in their careers?

I think Comrie looked at these players and their contracts, then at what Lowe offered him and said F*** him. Mike like most elite athletes has an ego. He was hurt and especially EMBARRASSED by Lowe's offer, thinks he's being treated with a LACK OF RESPECT or FAIRNESS and WON'T sign with Lowe, not necessarily the Oilers, PERIOD.

Many said the Brewer contract was another Lowe mistake and I think we're seeing some partial results of it here and may see more backlash to it in the future as well.

Lowe has gone from wishy washy, give them what they want to keep them at all cost to "I'm the tough young forward-looking executive of a small market team who is going to show the league how to do it the right way." Unfortunately he's inconsistant in his toughness (stubborness?) as the Cory Cross, three year, very generous deal for a 32 year old journeyman dman,is a fine example of.

Lowe has brought much of this on the team himself.

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