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Originally Posted by price131 View Post
Does anyone actually really even enjoy watching hockey fights? Like I know anytime people suggest change a lot of people will whine about it and that's fine but really, I like fighting as much as the next guy. I like boxing and MMA but hockey fights are often tedious, irrelevant wrestling matches.They're usually incredibly boring and actually interrupt the flow of the game.

As for Cherry, he got quite a bit of facts wrong in his rant but do people even really take him seriously anymore?
Thank you for that post. You identified one of the reasons there is fighting in hockey and why it can be useful. It interrupts the flow of the game.

If a team is playing poorly and losing, a fight can change the momentum. It can spark energy into a lifeless team. I have seen this hundreds of times over the course of many years. The Habs could have used a spark in the 2nd period (if we had a fighter) last night.

With regard to Cherry, I tremendously dislike the man. I grudgingly agree with him regarding the horrible handling by the media of the three suicides that happened this summer. They were completely off base and completely used the deaths of those three human beings to force their own agendas. Pathetic.

As always Habsterix, I like to read your blogs. Always thought provoking.

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