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10-08-2011, 12:37 AM
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Just got back... DU Won 3-0... Here's a few pictures from my perspective before the game started...

A few notes:

Best player on the ice at all times was either Seth Jones, Beau Bennett, or Nick Shore, I loved all three of these guys.

Beau Bennett (DU) scored 2 goals and was dangerous every time he had the puck. He was most dangerous around the net (where both of his goals came from). He always had his head up with the puck in heavy traffic which I loved. He had a few VERY dangerous passes into the slot that always seemed to ge through traffic... I don't think his teammates were expecting them that's why they never scored. He was awesome. He's a lot bigger than I expected him to be, and he's a bit lanky, but once he got the puck he was steaming towards the net. He never gave up either which was awesome. He'd shot and it'd bounce off but he wouldn't dip down behind the net like most players would, he'd viciously cut to the middle and fight for the puck and his own rebound... He's going to be a stud.

Seth Jones (NTDP) was head and shoulders above the rest of the players when it came to poise... I couldn't believe he was 16 years old... WOW, there's a reason he's captain. He did everything right (he was responsible for the 3rd GA but in his defense he was pretty much left alone). He was leading his teammates and directing them at all times on the ice... He always seemed to know where to be and where the puck would end up... He is BIG and I mean BIG... He's still lanky and he looks young so I think he's not done growing... But he's also fast as hell and is very very agile. He can put the breaks on in a flash (which is great for a guy his size), and is very mobile. He's not a huge hitter but I think it stems from playing against 18-23 year old players instead of people his age, but he's definitely got a ton of poise and confidence. I think he'll end up challenging for first overall in 2013... I thought he was good before this game but damn... He impressed the hell out of me. He's got a good shot from the point but it's not on target always... His offensive prowess comes from his LASER tape-to-tape passes that almost seemed like frustrated passes... He was definitely frustrated his team was losing. Overall he's going to be an awesome 2-way defender... He sticks to his man like glue and can't be deked out...

Nick Shore (DU) was surprisingly good, and I think he was better than his older brother and his younger brother. He was most dominant in the second period where he would skate through the zone and shoot, get his own rebound and skate back up and restart the cycle. He was very alert and energetic and he was pretty damn slippery... In the last period he was coming into the zone against Jacob Trouba (who was about to lay a nasty hit on him), and he completely undressed him with a sick move which resulted in him blowing past Trouba (who ended up smashing into the boards and falling down). Nick Shore was SO fun to watch. He's a bit small but he looks young so I don't think he's done maturing but damn he's dangerous. His best tool is his skating and his calmness. I was an instant fan when he undressed Trouba... God that was so cool. He definitely has great vision on the ice... like he has a mental picture where everybody is.

Jason Zucker (DU) was an offensive threat all night but was usually easily dismantled. He's a fast linear skater but I think he needs to improve on his stopping and mobility... He's got great acceleration and can start the breakout play with his line-mates. The only problem is when he wants to stop he kinda spins around and wobbles... Not too good. He was a great puckhandler though and I was impressed with how much vigor he had whenever he had the puck. He's kinda an ass though. In the first period the whistle blew and a NTDP player was trying to skate to his bench and Zucker grabbed onto the back of his collar and was yelling at him and was trying to pull him down. A few times refs had to pull Zucker away from people too. He was kinda hot headed... Not sure why.

Collin Olson (NTDP) was lights out... God the kid was good. The defense in front of him was really weak and he had 37 saves on 40 shots... His lateral movements were crazy and he was so calm. There were so many times where these big college kids would crash the net and he was never rattled and would continue making saves even past the whistle. He had a ton of tenacity and honestly none of the goals were really his fault. He's a big boy too... covers a ton of net. His glove hand was alright but his bread and butter is definitely strong lateral movements.

Drew Shore (DU) was decent... I didn't notice him as much as his brother but he clicked well with Bennett. He had some pretty massive hits too... To be honest he wasn't spectacular but he seems like a leader. After a big big big scuffle he was over with the refs sorting things out... He never lost his temper and seemed to know what to do. He was a big part of Bennetts first goal but he lacks the explositivity that Nick has.

Nikolas Olsson (NTDP) was a surprise... I had never heard of the kid but he was so shifty and was the fastest player on the ice... I was amazed.

Jacob Trouba (NTDP) was alright... He had some massive hits and had a few blocked shots... He reads the play very well and plays the point but he was nothing spectacular. As I said before his desire to lay big hits makes him look stupid when a smaller guy is faster than him... He needs to chill out. He loves sticking up for his teammates. Him and Mayfield got into it pretty hard core and it ended up with a helmet-less Trouba dragging Mayfield down to the ice in a little wresting match. He was very gritty and used his size well. He had a lot of spirit and passion and I really thought he showed flashes of leadership... Just kinda a hot head right now I guess.

Scott Mayfield (DU) was very gritty... He was making some great hits and good defensive plays and seemed to always be in the face of NTDP players. He was the cause of a big scuffle in front of the NTDP net after he crashed into Olson, but instead of skating away and recognizing the fact you can't fight in college hockey, he took on two NTDP players who jumped on him. He ended up being dragged down to the ice by Trouba. He's a bit lanky and his offensive skills probably need a little fine tuning as he seemed hesitant once he got the puck, but he's a fiesty team-player... He'll probably spend 2-3 seasons here at DU.

To be honest I didn't notice much of Makowski, Matteau, Kerdiles, or Koules, but Didier looked absolutely lost... He wasn't good at all.

Any other questions?

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