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10-08-2011, 02:10 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Seriously, WTF is happening to this league...
In my opinion the problem is the game is changing for the players instead of the players adapting to the game. It's not just the NHL but all sports now. Every year there are new rule changes. It's getting to the point of stupidity. Anytime something happens people start talking about what needs to be changed to fix the situation. Concussions are not a new part of Hockey, it's been in the game a long long time but now all of a sudden all the rules have to change because some guys get concussions playing the fastest contact sport. It's NHL Hockey people, the players know the risk coming in signing that contract.

Fix the equipment. Watch a game from the 80's and watch one from last year. Look at the goalie pads how they have changed, players shoulder pads were never this big (Except Garth Snow).

Take fighting out of Hockey, take hitting out of Hockey it's not Hockey. I realize Hockey isn't popular as the other big 3 in the US and they want to grow the game but the rule changes and the sudden punishment of any kind of physical play is getting out of hand. We all know Czech Rep makes the best beer, before it came to USA they made them change it, you now have Budweiser. Don't let them Budweisser our game!

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