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10-08-2011, 11:47 AM
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I'm a casual responder but long time observer of HF Boards.....

The last half dozen sets of comments and the bantering back and forth is completely getting away from the purpose of the thread.

To quantify before I comment. I do not have a daughter playing hockey. I have a son playing AA. Let's take the GENDER out of the equation. There are a handful of examples I'm sure we can all come up with where for reasons unknown certain PLAYERS (a) are taken over others with seemingly more skill (b). The first few things that comes to mind is this: 1) Pedigree - Player has older siblings that showed promise, exceeded expectations over the long haul, coach willing to take the risk 2) Work ethic - player (a) gives 110% practices and games without question, 3) Attitude - player (a) is very coachable, player (b) has a bad attitude and not a consistent team player, 4) Parents - Player (a) parents are easy going, encouraging, etc, player (b) parent watches the stop watch, yells, screams, constant emails to the coach explaining his/her thoughts on direction team needs to go, thorn in the side of their own minor hockey executive, etc, etc, etc.

Now, the only argument I have, that I've seen happen is the pedigree issue and the sense of entitlement some have because they've had a few older kids make it to elite levels. Gender aside. It's cut and dry, if a kid is good enough to play, they're good enough to play. When politics creep in, it always makes for a long season. I'm not familar with Avery but familiar with some of the other Fransoo's and I'm sure they're related. Good talent.

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