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Originally Posted by Mynameismark View Post
Face facts: Sometimes you get a game that lacks energy and passion, and all you see are guys skating around, floating about. I'd rather a guy out there with intensity and aggression spewing than a skilled guy who doesnt produce. Sometimes in those duller games, you need something to at least stand out of your seats for.
They also add immensely to rivalries.

Also, besides the home team scoring a goal, what's the next biggest thing that gets fans excited? A fight. Plain and simple. Then usually a big hit or some sort of amazing deke out.

Fighting is a part of the game. Removing it only adds to the restructuration process Bettman has been doing to get fans that dont really give a **** into the sport. Meanwhile he forgets about those who have always been watching.
Fighting brings energy to a game lacking it.

False - for every time that a fight did that, there is at least another case where a fight did not do anything. There are dozens of pointless staged fights with zero effect on the energy level. A good save, a good play, scoring a goal or stopping a 2 on 1 rush, a good hit can do it much better.

Fighting creates rivalries

False. Rivalries stronger than in hockey exist in sports without fighting, like soccer, baseball of football. Playing against a team and losing/winning is what creates rivalries. The rivalries you are talking about are "feuds" and found in Pro Wrestling.
There are fewer and less intense rivalries now because players are mercenaries that switch teams once every 2-3 years.

Fighting gets fans excited

Seeing dogs or roosters fight does it too. Seeing christians eaten by lions did it too a while ago. Doesn't make it right.

Fights are part of hockey

False - they are not explicitly discussed in the rules. There are no rules in the hockey book about how fights should take place and in what conditions. For fighting sports there are rules and refs to enforce them. Fighting is tolerated in the game as a side show for marketing reasons.

Soccer was initially played with the head of a Viking brigand as ball. Not any more. Things evolve.

Bettman wants to remove fights

Really ? If anything he always opposed any discussion on the topic because his target American audience (wresting watchers) actually want to see blood.

Fighting is not a sign of immaturity, it's a unique attribute where 2 men can settle their differences

Fighting (physically) someone because you think you are right is a sign of immaturity. Or, more likely, of not living in your time.
People used to fight a lot a few centuries ago. The social contract forbids it now.
It's like thinking that the best way to prevent crime is to keep a loaded gun in your house and shoot the thieves. Wait ... some people actually think that.

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