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10-27-2003, 03:17 AM
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Originally Posted by lowetide
I think the Oilers are a hard team for someone like MacTavish to coach. He'd be better with a more veteran team.
You know what? I think you got it exactly here. I think MacT was, for SO LONG, the veteran guy brought in to show the kids how it's done, instead of just tell them, that he possibly finds it to lead any other way than by example. That could be why he seems to have a fascination for the hard-working guys like Moreau(1) and J. Smith - that was his style of leadership, not necessarily known for ranting and raving in the locker room, but a "Follow me!" type of leader. (Personally, that's the type I respond best to as well, which is probably why I also love guys like Moreau. ) Perhaps he came through *so much* adversity when he was a kid (DUI manslaughter conviction, wasn't it?) that it baffles him that young players are the way they seem to be.

So when presented with kids who're up one night and down the next - that was so long ago (and it was an entirely different game in the 70s when MacT was young) that he doesn't really know how to respond, perhaps? Although he played with Gretz etc, as did Lowe, obviously... hrm. I'm baffled now.

Still, I think you have a point. Perhaps what the team needs is not a new head coach, but a young assistant coach, not necessarily with good hair who grew up on a young team?

1 - OK, during the offseason I was apparently one of the few not screaming he's too expensive, trade him, but even I'm impressed by the start he's had. He's pitched in some offense, he's fought for teammates, he's done pretty much everything one can expect from a guy wearing an A, I think. I'm impressed, he's been the single gem of the Mironov trade, although Dino had that one good year in Calgary. Moreau is one of the bright spots of the early season, IMO - just like last year.

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