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10-22-2005, 11:57 PM
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they talked about having a predator fan living in new brunswick chris..

well...we might well be the worst 7-0 team in NHL history, or we might well be the luckiest 7-0 team in NHL history.. or we might even be both the worst and luckiest 7-0 team in NHL history... but by god, that doesn't change the fact that we're 7 and friggin 0!

tough game tonight, tough... sharks were all over us all night.. there should be an immediate recount of the media's stars of the game, those guys couldn't have been watching the same game i was at.. because to anyone that was there Vokoun should have been the 1st,2nd and 3rd stars of the game all rolled into one

talk about finding a way to win.. we somehow found this one buried under a rock out in aunt sally's garden..

hartnell with a great game..legwand with an absolutely gorgeous play.. one of those ultra-strange games where you give up 38 shot,block 15 more, and have them miss the net.. all that, and it's still hard to name one single dman that had a bad game.. this was all a forward breakdown in both the offensive and neutral zone that led to that many shots... i do admit they could grind us down low, and they did... but the forwards have to do a better job forechecking than they did tonight...guys flying down ice all night against us.. the perreault-johnson-sully line played olay defense all night, erat walked into at least 3 traps in the neutral zone...tonight the 4th line couldn't have backchecked if their life had depended on it

and we still find a way...

and god could kariya have any more chances?.. 2 wide open in the low slot with toskala on an island.. 2 more driving stright down the slot one-timers.. paul paul should have about 13 goals right now

and we still find a way...

the pp we have has always been streaky.. and right now we're streaking poorly...forwanrd sholding the puck too long trying to make the perfect pass, point men shooting the puck a million miles an hour but not getting it on net.. poor puck control, wildly inaccurate passes

and we still find a way...

toskala had a great game himself... we should have scored 6.. and would have if he hadn't stood on his head about times..

could the perreault-hall powerplay line look any worse??.. and here they score the only pp goal we can come up with.. of course it was luck, but it was basic pp technique in some ways that the 1st unit doesn't get.. put the frigging puck on net and have traffic

faceoff...we win 57%...again.. 7 games, 7 faceoff game wins

i will hand it to hordichuk,him and allison laid out a few good hits.. and give allison credit,he didn't hurt us- when i was afraid he would

and just so i don't forget it..suter i thought played a great game turnovers, big minutes, 3 big blocked shots

but vokoun...

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