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10-22-2005, 11:52 PM
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Originally Posted by handtrick
Excuses...excuses.....if we were scoring 10 freaking goals a game....we may have gotten 13k instead of 12,668 tonight.

No partial plans on again on Tuesday against the Blackhawks....the World Series Game 3 is on...the Preds game is nontelvised...any predictions? 11k?....12k?...13k?
pathetic...just pathetic....
Ta-may-toe, ta-ma-toe. You call it an excuse. I call it the truth. I sure hope management doesn't take the approach that many on this board are taking. I can just see Leipold wondering around *****ing and moaning about it. I'd much rather him look at the crowd, call Steve Violetta and set up a meeting. They need to analyze the problems (what you call excuses) and find ways to overcome them. You can live in denial about the existence of these impediments. I sure hope the Preds don't go that route.

Oh, and the blackout is a terrible idea. You have to be very powerful to make it work. The NFL, for example, can. The NHL cannot. Blacking out the game is just going to ruin our relationship with Foxsports and push the Predators further into media obscurity. Oh yeah, and I'm just dying to see the hit we would take in the media for choosing that route.

People didn't stay home so that they could watch the Preds on TV. Anyone who thinks that is just crazy. They stayed home because they wanted to watch something else. Go ahead, black out the games. Guess what these people will do? Just flip it over to CBS or ESPN and watch SEC football. Meanwhile, the diehard Preds fan who's babysitter backed out on her at the last moment gets hurt. Yeah guys, let's alienate some of our fans, limit our exposure, and make no headway in attendance.

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