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10-22-2005, 11:58 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
I just don't see that happening. Saturday is and always has been the NHL's big night. If we can't compete with all these other things, why are we defending the city's viability as a hockey market? UT, the Titans, baseball...these things aren't going do we just get to the point where we convince the rest of the league\Leipold to "bear with us, our attendance will pick up when no one has anything better to do, a little later in the season."

It's ridiculous.
Let's ignore baseball for a second as I don't think that played too much into it. We cannot compete with the NFL, so the NHL avoids a lot of head to head competition. There aren't a bunch of Sunday afternoon games despite the fact that the NHL would love to have games then.

We cannot compete, in the South at least, with SEC football. We need to start adapting. There are several Saturdays in the football season where the major players locally are early Saturday games and there is nothing going on in the night game (last Saturday for example). That type of Saturday is good. But until the Preds regain what they've lost in the community, we need to be smart about who we compete against.

Edit: And we only have to worry about competing with the SEC until early december. It only affects roughly a quarter of the NHL season. It wouldn't be a big deal to move the three or so games it affects to Friday night.

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