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10-23-2005, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by handtrick
Smokey....I commend are a voice of reason. All these reasons you state are valid. I think you overestimate them though....I think if this game is on all the partial plans....we get 15 - 15.5k, and nobody is having this conversation. I was just thrroughly embarrased for Craig and the players tonight...they had to look up in the stands and say...what the heck more can I do?

The answer is only going to come in the short term by corporate sales. The upper bowl was near full. It was the lower bowl from the blue lines to the goal and the middle tier that has all the empty seats. These are corporate type seats, not family of 4 seats. The only thing that is going to make a difference in the short term is Steve Violetta earning his paycheck.
I don't think they are the reason we didn't sell out. I do think they cost us a few thousand fans though. Hopefully we can make inroads with the corporate crowd and that, alone could increase attendence by 1,000 a game with only modest work.

I'd love to see us approach companies and offer large season ticket packages at severe discounts under the guise of 3 year packages. You sign up for the 3 year deal and the first year is discounted, the second year is a modest discount, and the third year is near normal price (with the traditional group discount given). We have to be creative to get the corporate crowd in. Many have blown their wads loading up on super expensive Titans tickets/Clubs. If we can make it a very affordable post-football activity, it can work.

I'd rather the Preds sell all the remaining tickets at 5 dollars a piece than let them all go empty. At some point, the pathetic price slashing that occured preseason has to be increased.

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