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10-08-2011, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
I always check these two websites first. It's pointless to check them now, just wait 30 minutes till game time or right at 7:00pm eastern time. Chances are these two sites will have your flyers game, or another other game, 95% of the time, without the need to search this forum each game looking for the link.

What upsets me, is that i am paying money for gamecenter live and this is the second game in a row i can't watch because they are national games. I don't know why they block these games when i am a paying customer. I canceled my cable so i don't get the national games. Personal problem but it's just lame. NHL needs to get their S together and actually have commercials instead of that stupid music playing during breaks, maybe they will give us national games in that case.

appreciate the links, i will bookmark them... thx

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