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10-23-2005, 10:28 AM
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Come on people grow up, this is FOOTBALL country, UT , Titans, Friday Night Lights, we knew that coming in to this. After football there's baseball and then there's NBA and don't forget NASCAR and then comes hockey. That's a fact of life here in Smashville. It took generations for it to get that way and it will take generations to change it. Twenty years ago how many soccer fields were there in Tennessee? How many now?
And for the poster who said shame on us partial season ticket holders for not being there last night, if you want to drive the hour to my house and watch my two grandkids or hire a babysitter and buy my ticket and pay for my parking then I'd be more than happy to have been there last night.
Yeah, let's black out the games where my two aunts in their 70's can't watch the game because they don't have the disposable income to spend on tickets, nor do they have someone to drive them and get them to their seats and then get them home.
Every season I try to ring at least one friend to the GEC who has never been to a game and see that they have a good time. I've gradually built up from one 10 game pack to an 11 game pack and a 21 game pack, in the lower bowl, so climb down off my back, quit whining and do something. Write, yes write, pen and paper the Tennessean, the local tv stations etc, complain, cancel your subscriptions and let them know why. Bring a friend and show your support, but don't blame those of us who are there, blame the ones who aren't.

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