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10-08-2011, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Banger View Post
No I'd either move Hartnell or Couts.
That's equally as ridiculous.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
I'd leave him in the AHL right now. Why change things up when everything is working? Or you move Hartnell down. Honestly, I like Hartnell alot and you can go through my previous posts about him (one of the few people that have defended him) but so far he has been horrendous.

I just dont beleive that a player deserves a spot just based off of draft position. Also I dont beleive in changing things when something is working. Thats the John Stevens way of thinking right there.
I don't see how Hartnell is playing terribly. He doesn't have the chances that Read has created, that I will agree with. But Read has made some big turnovers in the first two games as well. Again, we're acting like 1 goal and this guy should be on the top line with Giroux. It wasn't even an impressive goal, he shot into Brodeur. Marty stops that 9 times out of 10.

And likewise with Read, I'm not bashing him. I've been front and center on his bandwagon since June before anyone knew anything about him. I don't mind bumping Hartnell to the 4th, but idk what that'd do to the guy. We've already traded his entire clique. And again, a 3rd line of 3 rookies could be disasterous. A 4th line of Read-Talbot-Nodl can pull equal minutes of that 3rd line.

It's not a bad thing having 12 dangerous forwards. Just gotta make everyone happy.

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