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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
That was a reasonable post. But I have to ask you: Do you like anything about hockey except hitting and fighting? These are enjoyable parts of the game to be sure, but hitting is only means to slow skill. You are getting it the wrong way round.

And fighting was originally about one on one revenge for dirty play. That is all it was. One on one. If you give me a cheap shot, I will fight you. Not my team mate over there, me.

Proxy fighting is a joke, always has been. When Richard or Howe got speared, they fought. That's real NHL fighting, and it hardly exists now, because we accept the joke idea of proxy fighters. I do not. They have no place in the game. Only exception is if my center gets knocked out by a cheap shot I will fight for him, because he can't, but otherwise, he will do his own fighting. That's the way it should be.

I have to wonder at your understanding of what hockey is really about. Hockey is about pure skating and speed above all, and passing and shooting. Hitting, a great part of hockey when it is clean, was adopted by less skilled players to slow the skilled players down. That's all.

Hockey in its basic form is played by guys with tremendous skill and talent. It is not played primarily for hitting and fighting.

You need to have grown up playing the game to know this. I did, and I stand by my deep understanding of the game. I could kiss fighting goodbye tomorrow, and also kiss almost all hitting except the good clean body check goodbye too. No loss, zero loss to hockey.
Thanks for your honesty in admitting that you are wondering what I enjoy about hockey. Because the rest of your post shows that you do not know anything about why I love hockey above all other sports. So your assumptions are off base.

The only reason I advocate having a tough team with players who can fight is because the rest of the teams in the League have them. Disarming unilaterally without the ability to stand up for your teammates is foolish. In fact, it is an invitation for other teams to resort to thuggish behavior.

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