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10-08-2011, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Subban is one of the Habs' better defensive defensemen. Seriously, if McDo was on the team, you'd still want Subban out there killing that last minute. His ability to get the puck out of the zone may not be considered a defensive skill to the eyeball, but it is a huge, huge factor in limiting chances and goals against.

As for Martin, he is very good at figuring out what his players can and cannot do and putting them in the positions that best match his schemes. People keep railing about him not using offensive forwards on the top-6, but they miss that he plays power on power, and his top-6 guys also get the toughest defensive matchups. You need to be good defensively to play alongside Plekanec. That's why he seems to focus on defense when, really, he's looking for two-way play and to spend as much time as possible in the offensive zone regardless of who is on the ice.

If Subban keeps outscoring first-pairing competition like he did at the end of the season (and there's no reason to believe he won't), Martin will recognize that and he will continue to use him in a first-pairing role, McD or no McD. Just like he recognized Subban's growing ability and gave him increasingly tough minutes until he was the team's undisputed #1 D-man by the end of the season.
Well by saying so, you are underrating what McDo has done since he came in. He is strong on the puck, does a great job in front of the net, he is a smooth skater, that might not seem as obvious to the non-trained eye 'cause he's less dynamic than Subban but while he doesn't have the system we do, and doesn't have the partner that Subban has, McDo needs to be the rookie that HAS to play with a vet mentality. Though I'M ready to live with whatever mistake Subban does 'cause I will always believe the good will surpass the ugly, I'm also convinced that in certain games, in certain times, a more steady player in McDo might take the turn that Subban might have had. Yes, Subban is great and a superstar in the making. But as of now, he doesn't have to do a whole lot to surpass whoever we have as the bottom 2 pairing. Which makes him an obvious top 4, a trait I would not be surprised to see McDo becoming as well but with his own style.

You never know but if possible, the perfect top 2 to protect a lead might have been Subban-McDonagh.....Maybe not now, but while McDonagh might never achieve the goal that was to become a new Chelios, it wouldn't be bad to become a more offensive and tougher version than our own Gorges...And to me, top 4 on D is just as important as your top 2 centermen. A trait we haven't seen Gomez filling yet, while McDonagh has already done with a depleted lineup.....but would eventually filled with a deeper one, I'm sure, but it does remain to be seen.

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