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10-09-2011, 12:34 AM
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i ended up getting the same type of stick just with the 85 of flex and a nice curve on it.

it is hard to get a feel for what i want/need really..... its one of those things you dont realize watching hockey.... but when you start wanting to try new sticks and curves, you gotta pull out the cash to try it... unlike the pro's or what ever that can just pick up and go. try this guys stick, or that guys curve. Im reluctant to ask the people ive been playing with to try their stick during a game... i would hate to of broken somebody elses equipment

i wanted to stay with my wood stick... but the more i used it, the more i could feel the stiffness and weight. my goal when i bought it a couple months ago was to use it until i "could" feel the difference and the need to upgrade. not just the desire

i didnt plan on buying a over 100 dollar stick... but i did one of those cost analysis you do in stores... with a $150 on sale for 125... i thought jeesh, i could get this ok stick for $80.. or take advantage of this sale, and pay a little bit more now but hopefully enjoy the higher end piece of equipment later.. I just kept thinking... if i buy this $80 stick now, in 4 months im going to be wanting to upgrade again.

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