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10-09-2011, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
This is not a 1st line winger we're talking about, we're talking about a 4th line center. It was clear that they had the intentions of giving that spot to Engqvist, but he failed. Had they signed a 4th line center, that would have meant the end of Engqvist's chances. Then we would have had posts complaining about our GM always signs vets and doesn't give the chance to young players in our system to prove themselves and that after we trade them away from nothing. It's an endless cycle of whinning.

There's no reason to blame anyone in this case...Gauthier picked up a guy that filled a hole. He didn't have access to injury info because he can't do physicals to players on other teams. Second, why would Holmgren tell Gauthier that Betts was injured since doing so would be admittal of Holmgren to breaking the rules since it's illegal to put an injured player on waivers.

Basically, we're looking for littlest thing to whine about management. You guys are praising Burke for doing the same thing, waiting until the last minute to get a 4th line center...and he had to give up an asset to do so. Gauthier did the same as him at the same time, without giving an asset and he's an idiot.
I don't think PG is an idiot but IMHO insufficient attention was given to the 4th line. (and the backup goalie but that's another story) We knew we needed a center, we should have known we needed a tough one who could do PK duty and maybe drop the gloves. We had cap space and we had time. But we dragged our feet then the last-minute grab failed, and now we have Moen-Engqvist-Weber. I am not impress. Yes there are excuses but this happened on PG's watch he's responsible.

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