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10-09-2011, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by 92hatchattack View Post
The only credit I have for Torts is he does in fact get his players to work hard. But thats only half the answer. There needs to be a game plan. There needs to be in game adjustments to how they are handling a specific team, not just line jugling. There needs to be a ay for us to score goals on the powerplay. Something is missing. I love our lineup this year, but I still dont have a great feeling about having a good year. I hope I am wrong, though it pisses me off how Torts acts like the best guy in the world when we are winning, and act like a ****ing baby when things dont go his way. The act is getting old fast.
The game plan is to win the game. We're not talking about amatuer players who need to get over-coached. These guys have been playing the game for decades. They know what they're doing.

The system he operates is a simple, and effective 3-2/2-1-2 forecheck. Depending on the type of defense we're playing, he tweaks things up.

My only real issues with Torts, is he hasn't been able to fix our PP. And he switches up lines too quickly. I don't think his grueling camp benefits the team much in the long-run. Players like Jim Kelly praised Marv Levy for his relaxed camps. They felt they had more endurance throughout the season.

Hockey's a simple game. It's you versus your opposition. It's never the players fault with some of you guys. Aside for a handful of our guys, the players themselves should be held accountable for their lack of performance so far. Why isn't Ryan Callahan struggling with his effectiveness under Torts? He seems to be doing fine with the system.

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