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10-09-2011, 01:31 PM
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The Official Seth Jones Thead (2013)

We need one for this guy... He's an incredibly gifted player... I saw him play against my University (U of Denver), and he was dominant as a 16 year old. Here's my take from that game:

Seth Jones (NTDP) was head and shoulders above the rest of the players when it came to poise... I couldn't believe he was 16 years old... WOW, there's a reason he's captain. He did everything right (he was responsible for the 3rd GA but in his defense he was pretty much left alone). He was leading his teammates and directing them at all times on the ice... He always seemed to know where to be and where the puck would end up... He is BIG and I mean BIG... He's still lanky and he looks young so I think he's not done growing... But he's also fast as hell and is very very agile. He can put the breaks on in a flash (which is great for a guy his size), and is very mobile. He's not a huge hitter but I think it stems from playing against 18-23 year old players instead of people his age, but he's definitely got a ton of poise and confidence. I think he'll end up challenging for first overall in 2013... I thought he was good before this game but damn... He impressed the hell out of me. He's got a good shot from the point but it's not on target always... His offensive prowess comes from his LASER tape-to-tape passes that almost seemed like frustrated passes... He was definitely frustrated his team was losing. Overall he's going to be an awesome 2-way defender... He sticks to his man like glue and can't be deked out...
He'll be a surefire top 5 pick and IMHO a challenger for 1st overall.

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