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10-09-2011, 02:37 PM
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I feel as though people exaggerate the effects a coach has on his team, although, it's tough to do so when, in reality, you have no idea what the coach really does with the team; in that we, as fans, really have no idea what goes on behind the scenes, and how the players feel about their coach, although we all like to speculate about it.

I will say this: John Tortorella is one of the better coaches in the league, and a successful one. A coach who has had success with the team's best forward in the past, and a coach who has gone all the way, winning the Cup. However, he has his flaws, like moist coaches do. The flaw being that he is relatively one-dimensional, a trait that is common to most coaches in this league; saying that, he is probably the best "one-dimensional" coach in this league. There are two types of coaches, really. You have your motivators, and you have your tacticians. Then, you have your coaches who are a little bit of both. Tortorella is the former, although he certainly isn't a terrible strategic coach. At the moment, I'd say Tortorella is the perfect coach for this team; he relates to them, in a sense. The team we have is, on the whole, a hard-working, smart, blue-collar team that doesn't let up, and that's Tortoerlla's preferred style.

IMO, the only reason people are questioning Tortorella is because of the success the team has had thus far uder his tutelage. While he certainly plays a part in that, the onus isn't completely on him. No, a lot of the onus falls on the general manager for not providing the coach with a team capable of winning; given what he's had to work with, I'd say Tortorella has done an exceptional job with this team. Let's be honest, how many of us saw the team doing as well as it did last year, especially with Gaborik and Prospal being out as long as they were? I don't blame him for the "constant line juggling", given what he had to work with; the only legitkimately "set" line he had was the Pack Line. Tortorella got the best out of nearly all his players it seems, and that's an important thing going forward for any team. Now, with one of the better looking rosters in the league, Tortorella should be able to excel. I'd give him more than two games to judge that.

Bottom line, I'd say Torts has done a very solid job with the organization, and he may be a long term option for this clue. Time will tell, though.


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