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10-23-2005, 11:21 PM
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Another ball hockey game tonight. We lost 2 to 1 because of that f... goalie! I can't believe this guy! I've never played with such a crappy team. Fortunately I play with two other teams. At least, we played against a team of our level. They had slow players and some very bad defensemen. But they had a goalie who made the saves. We were leading 1-0 with 5 minutes left. I got the ball three times in these last minutes. I decided to just shoot it deep in their zone. It worked perfectly well because they did not have the talent to generate an attack from their defensive zone. I was replaced by a teamate, and then happened what had to happen: a goal. It was a tie at that point. And then they got the winning point with a very easy shot to stop. That's depressing. All we had to do is to keep the other team prisoners in their own zone. I was screaming "f... goalie" on the bench a good dozen of times. I know it's bad, but I had to get it out of me. I just hope the goalie did not hear me... It makes a good change to play a team that is as weak as you are because you feel you worth something. Getting beaten up constantly 8-1 or 9-0 is hard on the morale. You think you don't belong to that league and that you might as well play in a kids league.

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