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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
This is an idiotic post. I have not actually read the answers before mine, because there was no need to.


It's Habs dude. Habs. You creep me out. You crossed a line none of us cross.
Back in the days of Koivu this was a reoccuring subject. To say this is a line 'none of us cross' is very inaccurate. There are many that feel language a player speaks are the basis of his worth to the habs, it's pretty pathetic, but whatever. Just don't think it's only him to suggest it.

Originally Posted by dcal64 View Post
You guys are too funny, crossed the line, the same line that Habs management brings up every year.

The Habs management are on record saying they would like to see more french canadiens on their team, so it's ok for them to say, but I cross the line by stating it in on this board.

So to the habs cross the line by stating their coach must speak french?
I remember the french coach very clearly, but I don't recall hearing management saying french players are necessary. If anything, it's trending towards the opposite. Not complaining as I really don't care about it.

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